839 Talwood Dr
Peterborough, ON K9J 7M6

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I have lived here for almost two years. And we have had bedbugs now 3 times. Once when we first moved in and now twice in a row in the past 6 months. After consistently pestering the landlords they will eventually spray when they aren't ignoring messages. I've talked to many other tenants in the building and almost all of them had had this problem or know it's a problem in this building. We have messaged the landlord about our current problem and she still hasnt responded, I get many bites every

night and find at least 2-3 bedbugs every couple days and it has been 2 weeks after our second spray. If you rent here you are bound to get bedbugs eventually, we have seen them in the stairwells and with the 50yr old carpet in the hallways there's no telling where you pick them up. We have even seen one or two on the outside of our screen on the balcony.

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