4 Chapel Hill Dr
Fairfield, OH 45014

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I moved into this townhome on 1/10/20. I had all of my belongings into the townhome by 8PM that night. We all went to sleep and I woke up at 4:30AM to my 8 month old crying. I was up with him and I see a bug scurry across my pillow. I turn the floashlgiht on and kill it. Sure enough its a fat bed bug. When we killed it, it was full of blood. My son had a bite on his knee, it may have also bit my sons father. We did not go back to sleep and scheduled a mover for the morning of 1/11/20 to move our

things and our NEW furniture to a storage unit to bomb before they became infested and had to all be thrown away. We were at this home for a total of maybe 14 hours. The leasing agency said that the best that they could do was send someone out 1/13/20 to inspect the townhome during broad daylight but that their leasing consultants had already walked the place. Most bed bug cases you don't just see the bed bugs crawling around during the day or I NEVER would have moved in. I am disgusted that I was expected to just "deal with it". They said I was responsible for the entire lease and they would not let me out of it. I told them I didn't care I wasn't going to live with bed bugs period, I have children, thats foul. Mind you I had just paid them $870 not even 24 hours prior for rent for the month and deposit which I lost as well. The money just isn't as imporant as my family being comfortable in our own home. DO NOT MOVE HERE, or the townhomes connected because they can travel from townhome to townhome!

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