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December 2007- only been living here for three months.
Not sure when the bites began.....
The first bite I thought a spider bite me.
I had random bites in random places, which didn't fit the bed bug pattern of several bites in a row or area. So I thought maybe it was fleas or something else.
But 7 days later I had a bite on my forehead and then my eye swelled up and I had pink eye bad. Allergic reaction. So I went to see a nurse and she thought it was bed bugs. I almost died.

Shortly af

ter this the bug bites started developing within rows or areas. I tried to get an exterminator In the meantime I wore heavy clothes to bed and a ski mask. I helped a great deal.
Never saw the bugs (not on the wall, the rug, my bed--no where) until one morning half awake I felt something weird on my leg. When I began to get up saw the bug on my pants leg. And caught it in a ziploc bag as proof.

Later my roommate checked her room and found two tiny bugs on her mattress.

My roommate tells me the neighborhood is infested. Nice to know!?! I am from outta state and didn't realize how big the problem was in NY and how to search for areas with infestations. This website is great but I wish I had known about it before I moved. There are wonderful things about Ny. Housing is not one of them. Honestly the housing here sucks. Ever since I moved here I have had nothing but problems:(

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