520 Lincoln Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11238-6202

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Moved into appt on the 6th floor on June 1st. First noticed bites in early August, but I think I saw an actual bug before that, just hoping it was not a bed bug. Saw several on our bed. Management sent Anthony's Pest Control right away, he was good. He came twice. I haven't been bitten since the first treatment 3 weeks ago. Put all clothes in dryer and bought bed covers too. Will caulk perimieter and put Diatomaceous Earth around as well to prevent them coming back.

Bed bugs back on the 5th floor. Adjacent apartments are not getting inspected. Please, let the inspector enter your apartment! There have been bed bugs in this building since 2006! They are not going away.

Call 311 and report. Keep management honest.

Another apartment on the 6th floor reports bed bugs. DEMAND MANAGEMENT EXTERMINATE THE ENTIRE BUILDING!

Specific apartments on 1st, 5th and 6th floors have been exterminated for bed bugs within the past few weeks.

NEIGHBORS: Call management and insist that your apartment is expected! We will never get rid of them if we don't all get exterminated!!!!

Bed bugs on fifth floor. Found one on bed this morning. Found one in bathroom sink a few days ago. Calling management when it opens.

PLEASE: if you have bed bugs, let your neighbors know.

Bed bug bites three nights during past two weeks. Found one bed bug hiding in bed frame this evening. Tried reporting to management company today, but they were already gone for the day. Will contact them tomorrow. (5th floor)

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