349 Saint Johns Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11238-5201

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Yes, that's right Jeremy. Green Earth is working with you to bring your Bed Bug situation under control. We will also be providing a building-wide prophylactic service to ensure that the Bed Bugs do not spread to any of the adjacent apartments. That service starts this Friday, April 23, 2010. Thank you for your cooperation in the matter.

Josh Alpert
Green Earth Pest Control, Inc.

We have bedbugs in Apt 3C and are currently working with Green Earth Pest Control to try and get rid of them.

"E" or Erin,

It is not cool to make unfair and un-substantiated reports that can stain Green Earth's and/or Rothstein Management's reputation. At the request of Rothstein Management, Green Earth worked very hard to organize last years building wide Bed Bug service and bring everything under control. A thank you note would have been much nicer than this sort of public humiliation.

Bed Bugs are a major epidemic right now. They are literally anywhere and everywhere. Bed Bugs can be re-i

ntroduced to a structure at any given time. Regarding the wall treatment, the products are not designed to last forever. You can thank the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for that.

While the exterminator is responsible for the application of pesticide products, the exterminator is not the only one responsible for ensuring Bed Bug removal and maintenance. It is a joint effort between the residents and the exterminator. There is plenty of preparation and aftercare involved. During this day and age the aftercare should be done indefinitely, not just around the time when you first experienced the Bed Bugs.

Again nobody can guaranty against of a re-infestation if bed bugs are brought back into the building. So, continued vigilance is an important component of Bed Bug control. You should always communicate your concerns to the exterminator or your building manager, which is exactly what you did and exactly why we were sent back into your apartment 10 months later.

Lastly, I notice that you said your roommate is the one who was bit. According to our records, your roommate did not prepare his room whatsoever during the initial visit. At the same time we searched your roommates room up and down and didn't find any bed bug evidence whatsoever. And while we are on the subject, during the last visit you advised our technician that your roommate hadn't been bit since a week before the initial service. I could be wrong, but in my professional opinion it sounds like someone may have jumped the gun thinking that they had Bed Bugs again, simply because the across the hall neighbors re-introduced Bed Bugs into their apartment.


Josh Alpert
Green Earth Pest Control, Inc.
212-444-1034, Phone
212-444-1034, Fax
[email protected]

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WAIT!! I live in that building, and the bed bugs ARE NOT GONE. My landlord said they building was sprayed in the walls, but no one has come back for the monthly maintenance I was under the impression was necessary to really get rid of them. They can live for months without food...

My roommate started getting bitten just this past week (Tues June 2).

So once again, I have to put all my stuff into bags and bins and hope that this will work.

Cause it didn't last time.

And we're not the

only apartment still affected.

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Hello everyone! Earlier today we provided the 2nd and final Bed Bug service to 349 St Johns Place. While we did not have 100% cooperation, we were able to access 14 out of 17 units during this service. For reasons that we cannot divulge, there was actually one tenant who refused the service. Other than that nobody in the building has been bit by a Bed Bug since the first service which took place on August 24th. It sounds like a complete success. From here on in anyone who has problems with

Bed Bugs has up to 90 days to report the problem to management or directly to our office. I will keep you guys posted on any feedback that we receive from the building.

If there are any 349 St Johns residents on this blog, please let us know how everything went. We would love to hear your opinions.

- Josh Alpert

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Great News! My name is Josh Alpert and I am the President of Green Earth Pest Control. We provided the initial Bed Bug service for 349 St Johns place earlier today and were able to get into all 17 apartments. The tenants welcomed us with open arms and were kind enough to allow us to do whatever was necessary. Never in my 9+ years of experience have I seen an outcome like this. For buildings of this size that are treated for Bed Bugs, we are usually lucky to get into 40-50% of the apartments

. I just want to personally thank all of the tenants for their cooperation and of course the management for hiring Green Earth to do the job. The follow-up service is scheduled for Sunday, September 7, 2008. I will send updates as soon as I have them.

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Entire Building Infested!!
Moved into the building and 2 weeks later we notived bugs on the bed, heating poles. Itchy welts.

Management will NOT recognize the bedbugs exist. Check their violations here for apartments and building: http://www.nyc.gov/html/hpd/html/home/home.shtml

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