195 Underhill Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238-5108

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Following the treatment in September 2010, several apartments had to be treated again, in April 2011, as dead bedbugs were found in at least two apartments. About a month later, a live one was found in one of the affected apartments; that apartment and its two neighbors were treated again.

The problem is ongoing, but recently (September 2010), the landlord brought in an extermination company which seemed to know what they were doing better than the guy he had been using. Previously, he used the same guy who sprays monthly for roaches; this guy used bombing - which did, as a previous commenter mentioned, seem to make the bugs spread - and sprays. This new exterminator only treated apartments which had already reported problems (mine among them), so while the problem seemed to hav

e abated, I am not confident that it has been solved. As far as I know, they have not brought in dogs or used any other method to figure out whether any of the other apartments have been affected.

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There has been a bedbug problem in the building for the past two years. It started in one line (The A line on each floor) and now has spread across the 6th Floor. While I have not had them in my apartment yet (I'm on the fourth floor), the infestation on the top floor is very bad. The landlord has been treating with bombing (which seems to be making them spread) and spraying with an over-the-counter spray.

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