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July 10,2010
Happily we are bedbug free. We have had no more bedbugs since they came out to spray and I threw everything out. We lived furniture free for almost a month. I was vigilant about cleanliness and continue to be. I make sure that there is no furniture touching the walls. I also caulked around all of the base boards and any other crevice. I put wood filler in all of the cracks and holes in the hardwood floors. I also purchased and weekly apply Diatomaceous Earth. It is non toxic which

is great for the kids and it won't harm pets either. I highly recommend that anyone faced with bedbugs use DE. I got a 10lb bag of the powder on the internet for $18.
I hope that our luck holds and we remain bed bug free. I don't want to have to throw out my furniture again.

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Unfortunately I was unable to move, but the exterminator has been out and my daughter has been bite free. I have found a couple more, so the exterminator is coming again. I hope we are able to get rid of them.

May 26 2010. Apt.4R My daughters and I share a room. My older daughter started getting some bites, but my younger daughter and myself didn't. I figured it was mosquitos until they started appearing in lines and bunches. We woke one morning to find them crawling all over one another in a fold in the box spring encasement.
We are in the process of getting treated. When I told my neighbors I had them they were surprised that I was just now figuring it out. 2 neighbors battled them a year ago and t

he others a couple of years ago.I was informed that the person who lived in the apartment prior to me battled them.
I am looking for a new place to live, and developing a plan of how to sanitize my items and gradually introduce them to my new place. I am throwing most of my things out.
Bed bugs seem to be an ongoing problem here.This is an older building with lots of cracks and crevices.I hope for the sake of future and surrent tennants that the problem can be solved.

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I live on the 3rd floor - I started getting bug bites here and there and didn't think much of it, until I woke up one morning with my arms covered with bites - sometime at the end of February 2008. So I looked at the crevices/corners of my mattress and trapped some bedbugs in a jar. I vacuumed like crazy, encased my mattress in plastic and called my landlord immediately. I did a ton of research online and followed the usual steps (washing everything, living out of plastic bags, pulled all the fu

rniture away from the wall, etc.). The exterminator has been here twice - once in Feb and again about 2 weeks later. I haven't had any more bites since I encased my mattress and thought maybe it was over, but yesterday (4/2/08) I found a bedbug crawling on my bed, and a nymph stuck to the duck tape on my bed's legs. The exterminator is supposed to come back again and I'm caulking every crevice I can find but this is an old building and a neighbor told me the building has had them before. I can't move, so I'm just trying to kill what's inside and protect myself from future infestations. I'm desperately hoping that I can beat this!

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