345 Eldert St
Brooklyn, NY 11237-6203

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There is an infestation of such significance that management is gutting the walls, floor boards, ceiling, dry wall, insulation - there are a dozen workers in hazmat carrying out the gutting but there is no forthcoming information nor are there treatments such as heat etc. being provided for the buiding.

September 16th, 2010

I have lived in the basement for five years with so many roommates that I can't count. I NEVER had a problem with bedbugs, until this summer when a special roommate moved in and ACTUALLY brought a bed in from the street!!! Soon thereafter he mentioned that he thought he had some bites! I asked if I could look at his bed and sure enough at first inspection with a flashlight one cowered away. We immediately threw out the mattress and found frame and me the obsessive that I

am started doing major research. I would not allow the annoying, flat vampires to get the best of me. After cramming my brain with too much bed bug info, I tried to understand as much as I could from all sides. Well, maybe the bug's perspective wasn't so well represented, but we get what their goal is- world domination! Note- I am making light of this only because the whole experience ranks one of the worst. What I mean by all perspectives is how to approach ridding of the bugs. Having multiple pets I was even more ticked about pesticides and chemicals in the house. Not wanting to have three pack up your house routines, spray downs, and clean ups I decided to try to make some terror myself. I ordered Diatomaceous Earth from a place in California- food grade- you can't find it here. You can but it's not the same- mixed with fillers and other chemicals. The short of it- One spray down by the pest people and an obsessive powdering in every crack and crevice of my home with the DE and in the heat of the summer we rid of them (prime bed bug season). You can protect yourself by getting the powder and being clean. The bugs are not attracted to filth, only your blood=( but being disorganized and messy gives them more places to hide. Pull your bed away form the wall and don't let them get onto it except via legs that have a barrier (powder, tape, water). The bugs are not magical. It does take effort and not being meticulous about the situation can lead to much frustration. WE ARE indeed smarter than them. But, no matter where you live they are a threat- although Bushwick does seem to reign as primo bed-bug habitat- and with a bit of motivation, research, and a few bucks you can save yourself from a lot of headache.
Note. The DE is not immediate like the chemical. The powder dehydrates their exoskeleton and it can take a week for them to die. After walking over it they WILL die. However, they probably laid some eggs. And so, with this natural way, it can take about a month to truly rid of them. Once you have the stuff in your house, a bug may hitch a ride on a visiting friend's leg or you may bring one home from a used book that you bought, but having protected your house you will not have a full fledged infestation. Just like mosquitoes you can't prevent ever experiencing them, but we don't have to fear them. The DE is a mineral- crushed up fossil shell and it will just sit in the cracks where you put it and remain effective forever (not an exaggeration). The spray they use IS immediate (many different ones they have- because the bugs become immune to it) but it only remains effective for so long (sometimes only seven days to a month). In the long run you will have better results and not experience recurring infestations. I talked to them about it and watching the exterminators- they weren't even as thorough as I was, and the ones I spoke with don't know about the DE (not the pure stuff). They don't believe in it cause it's not their job to, they don't actually have experience with it or haven't done research, and basically my conclusion to many things in life- do it yourself- don't assume that even if it's someone's job they know more about it than you do. People only know as much as they care to know- and that's usually very little.
Anyways, if you want to chat about any of this my email is [email protected] It's amazing how these minuscule creatures can cause such emotional and psychological damage- even more detrimental than the at home uproar in their wake.

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The building is infested. They're in the walls, the floors...
Shoddy construction makes it impossible to exterminate. Our second-floor unit was bombed three times and we still found live bugs after our third extermination. Roommate discovered bites in August 2009. We moved out in November after an unsuccessful war against the bloodsuckers. The management employs an extermination company that uses ineffective methods; the chemical, a "fleeing agent," merely sends the bugs into other apartme

Move out when your lease is up. If you're considering moving in, don't. You'll get bugs. It's not a matter of if, but when...

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I lived on the 3rd floor for a year and just moved out and we never had bed bugs, so the whole 3rd floor does not have bedbugs. The biggest problem is the jerks who leave their bug infested shit in the elevator.

With one girl in our unit on the 3rd flr got bites, we removed many stuff, washed & cleaned, and got exterminator over in around June 09. No bugs actually found in the unit but got another follow-up extermination two wks later anyways. As another girl newly moved in, came from the same bldg's 2nd flr, we got third extermination just in case, and didn't bring her mattress from the 2nd flr just in case.
So far, no one (including guests visited) had any bites nor spotted any bugs in this unit. (N

ow is the beginning of Sept.)
It was too bad to lose quite nice people lived on the third flr here... just hoping the new people moving in, would be nice w/ creative minds as well!

Mgmt responds quite immediately to any bug complaints. But any flats here should keep maintaining clean environment

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All the statements made about this building are absolutely true. There were roomers and stories that most of the third floor had bugs along with several apartments in the basement and second floor, all of which the management company denied. I just found out at a building party last week, that 5 apartments on the third floor, all in the supposed infected area, are moving out. Some aren't renewing their lease, some are just leaving before it even ends. If you are being shown any apartment on

the third floor, or anywhere in the building for that matter, DO NOT take it!

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The entire 3rd floor has bed bugs! As well as many other units in the building. Some people report the problem, some dont, some move out. Many residents have moved out as a result over the past few months. Management company uses exterminators with ineffective methods of getting rid of them, mixed with very dirty tenants and apartments throughought building, topped off by poor construction all mean you'll eventually wake up with bites. I would definately warn against renting or leasing here...

.you'd be taking a huge risk!

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bed bugs in several apts.

the entire 3rd floor has bedbugs. people habitually exchange furniture or leave infested furniture in the hallway...NOT COOL. love this building, wish it were better maintained!

Pesticide-resistant bedbug infestation in unit #101 (building addition). I lived there from 2002-2004. Exterminator visited every 6 months or so and bombed. Bugs returned a month later every time.
Reports of bugs on that entire side if the building, up to and including the 3rd floor.

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