231 Stanhope St
Brooklyn, NY 11237-4201

Found 2 reports:

i was victimized by the bugs (and a mostly incompetant landlord) from october 2007 until finally admitting defeat and moving out in july 2008.

despite my constant urgings, the landlord was in severe denial of what i correctly suspected to be a building-wide problem, until i moved out.

my advice to ALL is find a way to move out at the first sign of bedbugs. i wasted a ton of money and a half year of my life dealing with this. to add insult to injury, when i left my landlord hoped that i "w

ould someday laugh about all of this."

stay very very very far away.

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Landlord disclosed that there are bedbugs on the top and bottom floors. Tenants have moved out due to untreated problem.

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