175 Stockholm St
Brooklyn, NY 11237-3703

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This is our second time with bed bugs at this address. And we have been told that dozens of other apartments are also infested. We noticed several bits a few weeks ago and thought nothing of it. A mosquito perhaps. However, this morning I woke up with bites all over my body. We immediately cleaned, mopped, sprayed in order to hopefully slow their progress. We also called the building who is apparently sending someone over "right away". The most aggravating part is my roommates and I are obsessiv

ely clean. We haven't been able to locate any suspects but the bites are evidence enough.

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10/7/09 we were sprayed about 10 days ago. Did everything we were told, spent a ton of money on laundry, and they are back already.

Bed Bugs started on the first floor now has moved up and is infested the 3rd Floor. Land Lord is denying they are a problem.
6 Apts in the buildings have been infected with bed bugs.

First we got fleas with no possible explanation, and now, magically, bed bugs have started to appear. Awesome.

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