467 39th St
Brooklyn, NY 11232-2949

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Bugs ended up spreading to almost all of the other apartments.

Landlord had one company come in to spray, but then they were unreliable. So he got another one and they were much better, more thorough. He didn't charge us. The bugs kept coming back, but the exterminators warned us that it would take a while.

Found out the buildings connected on either side of us were infested much worse. It took over a year, but we have been bed bug free for some time. It's awesome to not feel mentally dist

urbed anymore, and sleeping is pretty awesome too.

Our landlord turned out to be very understanding and he's a great guy. If the bugs come back, he'll take care of things.

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one person in 2nd floor apt had bedbugs, told landlord. exterminator came. no one else was informed about the building having bedbugs. the bugs went south (1st floor) and north (3rd floor) in the building. we complained of bites to each other but thought it was mosquitoes cos we never saw any bedbugs. (about bedbugs, we are both freaked out and aware that everyone in New York City has them, had them, or will have them soon.) south had bites, moved mattress away found bedbug camps. only the femal

e in the couple gets bites or is reacting worse to the bites. she told landlord, he made her pay half of the extermination fee (EVEN THOUGH IT'S OBVS THAT SHE DID NOT BRING THE BUGS INTO THE BUILDING). he told her that the guy above her had them in Spring. north (me, female) has bites and they are huge welts like no bites i've ever experienced before, crazy itchy, last for weeks, anti-itch creams take a while to work and only last a few hours. but i see no bedbugs. no cast off skins. nothing anywhere. i keep watch all the time, too. i sealed my mattresses in plastic encasings. but without seeing an actual bug, i feel that the landlord will not take my experiences seriously enough to get my apt treated. but anyway, two of the six apts in this apt building have bedbugs. and i'm pretty sure mine too.

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