1355 E 18th St
Brooklyn, NY 11230-7501

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Be very careful before you move into this building. There is a new law which requires all landlords to provide information for the last year on bedbugs, i.e., whether the apartment had any or whether they received any complaints or treated the apartment for bedbugs. I lived in the building for a year, from April, 2009 until April, 2010 without incident. I moved into a different apartment in the same building, in April, 2010, and within three months, I had bedbugs. From the owner, to the mana

ger, to the assistant manager, they are refused to accept any responsibility. I challenged them for not properly sealing the cracks in the new apartment. I refused to pay rent, and went to court seeking an abatement. The judge agreed and we settled the issue. I am now in small claims court seeking reimbursement for property damage. After my experience, I wouldn't recommend anyone moving into this building.

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There were bed bugs in this building when I left in 2006.

We moved into this building 3 years ago and were very happy tenants. Last year, management companies switched and the whole building went downhill. Soon after, we got bedbugs from tenants that moved in after us and it has been recurring ever since. People with bed bug infestation keep on moving into this building and the problem just keeps on getting worse and worse. We have had to have 3 bed bug treatments since and the exterminator will be back once again today. The owner of the building

said to me today that she does not have to treat us for bed bugs until we call the state and get a violation for them. Talk about a caring landlord.

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