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well update is they are under control with "best yet" from cedercidestore.com I use it every other day and no bites. Seriously it is safe with babies I don't have to exterminate like if I am moving. it is non toxic. oh i see a link for them here it is great. No more stress for me. Oh and you talk to the scientist who made it he is really nice I ordered more.
The reason is even if you got rid of your bed bugs does not mean others did and when you work or invite people over you can get them again

The other chemical bed bug sprays an powders I will not use around my little ones so I really like this product.

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We had not previously even known bed bugs existed. In fact when I was pregnant back in late 2006, I started to have allergic reaction to these bites and had to get treated since they got infected. Point is someone (a tenant)informed me later about our neighbors having bed bugs. I did my research and one day I actually spotted one. Got my apartment treated twice and now they are coming back. This is a building issue and will not get resolved unless the whole building is treated.

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