612 Argyle Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11230-1606

Found 4 reports:

2011 there are still units in this bldg being treated for bedbugs.

Are there any more details? What floors were the bedbug reports on? Any updates for this building in 2009?

Lots of bedbug reports in this building.

Management seems uninterested in solving the problem.

I move back into my old apartment and within two days I started getting bedbug bites!

My roommate has not wanted to cause a fuss with the landlord.

6 treatments later, hundreds of dollars in ziplocks and the most expensive mattress covers money can buy and they're still here!

Her idea of making the landlord knock on our neighbors door is asking the super if there's been complaints!

The whole 3 block area between Newkirk and Foster from Argyle to Newkirk Plaza is COVERED in bed bugs.

Every single mattress I've seen on the street has had signs of bed bugs.

Beware of this area! I'm moving out and getting a vikane treatment.

see full report...

No nearby bug reports