2300 Ocean Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11229-3003

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Summer 2009 - Tenants in Apt 3C move out claiming the apartment was infested with bed bugs. Surrounding apartments were inspected and it was discovered that infestation originated from Apt 2C. Both apartments were cleaned out and fumigated. Not sure if there were any other apartments found to be infested or if any other apartments were fumigated.

I live on the 5th floor on the same side of the building as the "C" line. Late afternoon the weekend of September 19th, I found an adult bed b

ug in my bedroom. It was crawling across a small pile of clean, folded clothes that were set on a stand just inside the entrance to my bedroom, about 3-4 feet from my bed. Stripped the beds in my room and adjoining room, found no traces of bed bugs anywhere. Encased the mattresses in new covers, washed every item of clothing in hot water with kleen free enzyme solution and packed clean clothes away in clear plastic bins. NO traces of bed bugs anywhere else in the apartment and no other bugs have been seen. Been spraying the wood moldings and wood floors, closets, furniture with kleen free enzyme cleaner twice a week since the discovery. Planning to move as soon as possible since it seems likely that we can only keep them at bay for a short period of time.

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