234 Linden Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11226

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While living at this address, my roommates and I dealt with bedbugs on a semi regular basis. The Landlord did nothing to prevent further infestations and left it up to us to deal with. When I called him, he would say, "I thought we dealt with that?" Dealt with meaning, he sent a guy who asks US what to do. I wish I knew there was a registry before I moved. First encounter was Late July 2019 (My roommate found bites and discovered an infestation in his room). 2nd - december 2019 (we both discover

ed bites). 3rd - April 2020 (I discovered bites and nest in my room). 4th - August 2020. 5th - January 2021. The rest of encounters I dont remember very well, but theyre kind of the same after a while. I moved out in April 2021, there were more sightings after I moved out but I dont know the dates on those.

I did hear from my roommate, that when a HPD inspector came a couple months ago, the inspector said, "based on the number of violations this building has, this building legally qualifies as a slum."

From my experiences living here, I have developed a form of PTSD. I cant sleep properly. I check body daily for bug bites. I mentally remind myself when I get a mosquito bite. I sleep exclusively in long johns, long sleeve shirts and socks regardless of temperature. I wish this experience on NO ONE! Hopefully by writing this report no one will live here again!!!

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