666 Ocean Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226-5303

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I live in this building and have a bed bug infestation. Called management several times and I'm just being given the run around! Very frustrating! I've tried preventative measures and store bought kits which don't seem to work. I'm surprised others have had pest control come over for treatment. Is there a special # I should be calling? Help would be greatly appreciated... Extremely disappointed with management.

I'm the same tenant from the August 2011 report. The bedbugs have come back even after three sprayings in August and September and extensive preventive measures to keep any further reoccurences at bay. Another tenant just moved out very early due to bedbugs. Don't move here - they have a real infestation.

I honestly think the entire building is affected by bed bugs. We found about 6 on our mattress after much searching and frustrating bites. We did receive treatment and must credit the super for quick response but I worry that the bugs will just move to our neighbors. We have been so cautious about bedbugs and still got them. I fundamentally believe this building has significant problems with bedbugs that they are not disclosing.

I'm the same person from the Jan, 2011 report. We found two more bugs on our mattress in late June, reported to super and waiting for PCO to come and spray again. Doesn't look like an infestation, but I've got a feeling that other tenants on our floor have problems and aren't reporting it. I know for a fact that two tenants on the first floor have had cases (one infestation and the other a few bugs, but no infestation). Really frustrated by recurrences and am trying to break our lease and move o

ut soon.

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In January, 2011, we noticed a bed bug crawling on our couch and called management. Turns out, our upstairs neighbors in the back of the building had an infestation and they had crawled down from the ceiling. Both my boyfriend and I got a few bites, and the morning that the pest control company came, I saw one more crawling on our mattress. I only ever saw two bugs, and the pest control company said there wasn't an infestation. We had them spray twice just to be on the safe side, and haven't se

en another one since then.

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In late July 08\' I saw a couple of bed bugs. One may have been living and i killed it. The other was definitely dead. I had only had 1 bite that I truly think was from a bed bug. I called my management and they sent a pest control company out ASAP. Hopefully since I saw no other signs, the problem was small and will end.

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