110 Lenox Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11226-2401

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I resise at 110 Lenox Road and have been impacted with bed-bugs as several of the tenants at this location, not once ,however several times in and at the same unit. This dwelling is a multi-unit 6 floor structure with the buildings management only providing menial bed-bug treatments only by increasing the current extermianting frequency, nothing being done on a large scale,not even covering cost of replacing clothing.furniture,any belongings impacted by the bed-bug infestation with apartments be

ing rented without diclosure to future tenants of the curent bed bug issues.

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August 2010 noticed that I kept getting bitten by a "mosquito" or so I thought. Went to a dermatologist who suspected that they were bed bug bites. One night as I felt myself being bitten I jumped up to find the creature and it surely was a bed bug. The building responded and we received the three treatments. However I found a dead one on the glue trap underneath the bed-January 2010.

still going through treatment for bedbugs. only saw one bug on bed which prompted me to call exterminator in first place. haven't seen any after treatment, however, mysterious single "bumps/bites" keep appearing every 5-7 days or so after final treatment was completed. curious to know if neighbors have them.

This building and many, many other buildings in the neighborhood have bedbugs judging from the black spotted mattresses that are out on garbage day. After well over a year this apartment still has bedbugs, just found another one yesterday on a glue trap.

Still have bed bugs (since May 08), as do two of our neighbors now.

Still have bed bugs after 9 treatments. Neighbors do too- and it's sounds pretty bad. But they are "self-treating" despite the option of free PCO treatments.

Found 2 bugs and not on a bed...there must be more.

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