99 Ocean Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11225

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Apt. 4C (a sublet)
Bedbugs apparently were already here when I moved into this sublet on April 1, 2007. Exterminators came 4 times April-June and the bugs appeared to have gone. Bedbugs reemerged beginning of October 2007. Exterminators came another 5 times, though only in the last 2 visits (of a total of 9 visits April-December) did they treat the entire apartment properly (according to descriptions I found from various bedbug information sites online, i.e., Drione dust in outlets, treating

all baseboards, treating all bedroom furniture, removing mattress from bed and treating wooden frame, treating full perimeter of the apartment). Both times I notified my immediate neighbors (left, right, above & below) though so far as I know none reported bedbugs. I also washed in hot water/hot dryer or dry cleaned everything fabric I owned, kept everything washed in sealed plastic bags, bought high quality mattress and pillow covers, etc. The management company had some large baseboard cracks sealed up the second time around but refused to inspect or treat adjacent apartments when I asked. I've been one month without any evidence of bugs (Jan 08) and moving out soon. Will be pre-treating new apartment.

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