1289 Union St
Brooklyn, NY 11225

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1289 Union Street is a large multi-unit building of 27 apartments. There has been an ongoing bed bug infestation in this building since at least November 2019. It has affected at least 8 units across all four floors within the building. Some but not all units that have reported bites and bed bug sightings were treated with spray pesticide that was sent by the management company. Many of those treated units reported being re-infested. Long-term tenants (10+ years) have reported that they experien

ced bed bugs within the last several years, so it is possible that the bed bugs have simply been migrating around the building for some time. Management is slow to respond has not comprehensively addressed the issue, allowing the bugs to migrate from unit to unit—hence the reports of re-infestation. Management has only offered spray pesticide treatment, which is less effective than other treatments, as an option. This treatment is not pet-safe and requires extensive preparation, discouraging many tenants from agreeing to it.

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