1 Chester Ct
Brooklyn, NY 11225-5663

Found 3 reports:

I woke up covered in bedbug bites on my back, shoulder, arms and hands. I immediately called the landlord who refused to pay for an inspector. Instead, he sent an inept exterminator who half-heartedly sprayed my apartment with poison. The landlord does not notify or treat tenants in adjacent apartments.

third infestation in this apartment. I had two spider bites, because the welts were not in the usual pattern (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and were HUGE and swollen. This is the second infestation for me in this apartment, and I know of one infestation with the previous tenant.

bedbugs in the bedroom - previous tenant had them, had an exterminator, I\'ve had no problems for six months.

then I moved my bed to the same place the previous tenant had theirs. A week later, bites.

Goes to show how long they can live in the walls & floor.

No nearby bug reports