305 Ocean Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11225-5501

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Found both a live bed bug & the shells of a couple dead ones - had them confirmed by an extermination company last week, my apt is undergoing treatment. ---Nov. 11, 2009

DON'T CALL MIKE AT 347-525-7902.He's a scam and tells you that you get a 1 year guarantee but you'll never hear from him again. Also he doesn't kill any bugs. He came and sprayed and I still have bedbugs. Don't waste your money and hire a real professional.

Hey I heard about your problem and I wanted to offer you some help. I am an exterminator and bed bug specialist CALL ME and ill help you as best as I can I offer free consultations



Been living here a few months, thought I was getting bitten by mosquitos in Prospect Park. No such luck. It's bedbugs from the building. I found a dead and a live one yesterday

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