64 Lincoln Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11225-4006

Found 4 reports:

We had bites for a while, but thought they were mosquitoes at first since we slept with the windows open. After about a month we realized they were definitely bed bugs, especially after I killed one on me! Management was pretty responsive about extermination and we're finally free of them. Since then we have noticed mattresses and other items labeled bed bugs outside of the building, so it's clearly a problem with the whole building.

After 3 months of work we were finally able to get rid of the bed bugs. I am hoping that the other tenant was able to get rid of them as well but I know that it's difficult with an old building and totally useless landlord exterminators. Please post an update if you haven't resolved them!

I have been getting bit about once a week for the last month. I suspected (because of the pattern of the bites) but just saw (and captured) the evidence running up my wall.

Apparently I'm the second to report from my building in two months. And this is the first I've heard of the problem, which is a bit maddening.

Waiting to hear from the super and property management. Tomorrow I'm posting signs in the building!

We have had a bedbug problem for the last two months. The landlord sent out his usual company who were completely ineffectual (sprayed around large piles of DE).

No nearby bug reports