1045 Union St
Brooklyn, NY 11225-1104

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4E REFUSES to have their place sprayed and has caused several other apartments on the 4th floor to get bedbugs. This is an issue for the entire building and has not yet been fixed.

I have been living here for 30 yrs and never came across bed bugs until last year wen i killed it when i was it on my net over my bed and now i hear the girl next to me saying before she left it had bed bugs in her apt and im praying to god it don't come to my house. the first time she said she had bed bugs the came and spray out her apt quietly no body didn`t even know when they came and spray her apt out and didnt warn no one

I've been living at 1045 Union St. for nearly 5 years. The building has had problems in the past but our apartment was never effected. That was until ZT Realty came into control of the building a few months ago. They have been doing an amazing amount of construction causing bed bugs to migrate all over the building. Our apartment has hence been infected. Sadly we will be moving out this month. Beware they come through the walls!!

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