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In 2015, Esquire Exterminating Services were hired to deal with a bed bug infestation. They did a poor job, using a carcinogenic pesticide that was no longer considered effective on bed bugs. Over a month passed and active bed bugs were still a problem, but the landlord refused to hired anyone else and told residents they would have to do it, a clear violation of NY city law. (He did so in a long-winded, cartoonish rant that disparaged educated "college boys" and how different the world had beco

me to his self-pitying reactionary view.) Rather than engage in a protracted fight, a resident found a professional friend who dealt with bedbug infestations before using Temprid pesticide, and the apartment was treated with it as a favor. Results were fast, no thanks to landlord or Esquire. Beware of living here, we should've taken their willfully ignorant asses to court.

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