54 Sutton St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-4404

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When I lived in the middle room of the 2nd floor apartment at this location during the summer of 2008, there were LOTS of bedbugs. The landlord, at that time, actually lived in the first floor apartment and refused to bring in an exterminator. He even went so far as to start screaming fights with me every day for WEEKS after I presented him (and the management company) with evidence that the bugs were pre-existing and active. He also tried to tell me that I brought the bugs with me(I am seeing a

pattern here). After two months of self-imposed DE treatment, the problem had abated, though I did at one time see a bug crawling out of a crack in the wall (unsealed place where an electric plug was). By the time I moved out, the bugs had appeared in the third floor apartment, and the guys up there were struggling with them. The girl I I had been subletting from reported back to me in October that the bugs had returned to the 2nd floor, having been non-active in that apartment at the end of August. DO NOT LIVE AT THIS LOCATION. THE LANDLORD WILL DO NOTHING EFFECTIVE TO HELP YOU (and will even hinder you, as he did with me), AND THE MANAGEMENT COMPANY IS NO BETTER. The bugs have been there since 2007, are living in the walls, and the owner and management will (1) not admit to it and (2) will do nothing about it.

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moved into the 2nd floor apt at the end of june 2008 with all new people. it was a railroad and around the 3rd week my roommate in the inner room was being bitten every night. they never reached my room, or my roommates room but it was incredibly stressful.

when i asked the management company to hire an exterminator, they said, "we'll send someone from the company to spray" which i took to mean, extermination company but instead the landlord showed up (after we put all of our belongings in g

arbage bags and moved everything away from the walls) with a single spray can. when i told him that was not acceptable he told me i should pay for the $500 for an exterminator. he then accused us of bringing the bedbugs in (even after i told him i checked this registry and there were previous cases bedbugs in the apt). i called the dept of housing but not sure what happened. i left shortly after.

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we moved into this apartment in june, the previous tenants had left alot of furniture there which is where the bugs must have come from. we all noticed bite immediately and had the place sprayed, the pest control guy sprayed 2 more times and the bites stopped for about a month but now they are back. the other apartment above ours had bugs too!! now the landlord says he will not pay for another extermination.

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