218 Kingsland Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-4303

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when i first moved into this building it was infested with bed bugs due one of the tenants who has since been removed. we were exterminated many times and the management company was fine with covering all of the costs involving the process to remove the bed bugs and very helpful. i have not seen a bug in two years and i check regularly. this is brooklyn and everyone should be smart and have bed bug mattress covers and pillow covers and a supply of diatomaceous earth on hand which punctures the b

ugs exoskeletons and kills them, just to be safe. the girl in the apartment next door to me refused to use the stuff and still had a problem while my apartment is fine.

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Still major bedbug issues in this building, I started getting bitten end of November 2009, about 4 months after moving in. Since then, I have been treated 3 times (twice in December 2009, when I first had the problem and again in July 2010, when they re-appeared). As others have said, the problem seems to be in the building, as some tenants refuse treatment. Unless every unit is treated, in a short time frame, I think this building will always have major problems. The landlord is a nice woma

n, but the extermination company she uses is not great. DO NOT RENT IN THIS BUILDING, bedbugs are building-wide.

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Bedbug infestation is still terribly bad in this building. Landlord refuses to have every unit treated. We have thrown away furniture, belongings, and have had our apt sprayed 8 times in 7 months by exterminators hired by the landlord but nothing is helping. STAY AWAY FROM RENTING IN THIS BUILDING!!!!

I moved into this building July 2008 not knowing there was a previous infestation. In august 2008 we started getting bitten a month after moving in. After 6 extermination treatments in 5 months and constant back and forth with the landlord/management company for this building we are being forced to move since the problem is so persistent due to the tenant living in APT 4 of this building who according to exterminators "his apt is crawling with live bed bugs becaus ehe lives in filthy conditions"

the landlord is " unable to evict him because he is a stablized tenant"

Beware before renting an apt in this building. Some of the other tenants also do not allow the exterminators in to spray which is making the issue worse.

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This eight family building is pretty badly infested with bed bugs as of February 2008. Some tenants uncooperative with management in having their apartments exterminated. Be very cautious of this building.

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