99 Sutton St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-3739

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Started seeing bites since moving into Apt.202 in August and has gotten progressively worse. Just seems to be in one bedroom as my roommates in the other 2 havent had any bites (but may just be asymtomatic). Anyone else in this building had problems recently?

Had bed bugs in apt 105 from April 2010 until moving out in august.

Bed Bugs. Apt. 404. Happened in July and the exterminator told us that one apartment on the bottom floor has them so bad you can see them scatter when you walk in.

There are a lot of lazy spoiled hipsters in this building, so I suspect that things are under-reported. Be wary!

very minor incident, but it occurred all the same. posting here in case anyone else at the residence has a problem.

roommates & i began getting bites in the summer. management company sent an exterminator, who said we did not have a problem. still got bites over the next month, so requested a 2nd go-round with the exterminator. they still didn't find anything, but agreed to treat the apartment (spray + powder). treatment turned up all of 2 bedbugs, so while we did have them, it wasn't an i

nfestation. took 2 treatments total over a period of 1 month, but we haven't had problems since.

the management company was extremely helpful & understanding, and they paid for the exterminator.

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