149 Norman Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-3305

Found 5 reports:

No signs or reports of bugs in any of the apartments.

On 9/12/2009, exterminator treated all apartments in building as promised by landlord. Apartment 2R (on second floor) disposed of mattress, couch, and other furniture as a precautionary step after bugs sighted in apartment. In 2R, no signs of bed bugs since last posting. 3rd floor residents on west side of building reportedly have severe infestation.

Mid-August a few were bites found on occupants of 2R. On Sept. 3/2009, 3 bugs found on mattress at night. Landlord has sprayed the mattress and has promised to contact an exterminator. Landlord also stated that the building was treated a year ago for bedbugs before the tenants of 2R moved in. 3rd floor (top floor) tenants say they have bedbugs as well after being approached by the landlord on Sept. 4/2009.

Tenants on top floor have severe infestation, and have apparently had it for a year without telling anyone

Summer 2007 new tenants had bed bug infestation in their apartment. June 2008 3 apartments reporting bites.

No nearby bug reports