118 Huron St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1312

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I live upstaqirs from the previous poster. I came to this websit suspecting that there were bed bugs in the building. I received confirmation that my unit did, in fact, have bed bugs last week. The exterminator sprayed today. We will see what happens. Apparently the unit above me also had an infestation and is currently undergoing treatment.

I recently discovered bedbugs in my apartment a month ago after seeing a "do not take, bedbugs sign" on a mattress out front of the building. Luckily the management agency paid to have an exterminator come, however, they insinuated that they may not pay for the second visit. Only my apartment was sprayed. Now, it seems, the bedbugs are back. Hopefully the agency will pay again, but it may not make a difference if it is a building wide problem.

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