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recently our baby was getting red spots, like moscitos bites, doctor sound like allergy, but, one day two days ago my husband saw a bug, we did not think about bed bugs, that night was endless. I was looking for something what bothers my baby, he was krying every few minutes, i turned light on and saw a little bug, then war started. I've got a black jack, and sprayed, mattress went out same morning, atually had only one little spot on it. No allergy on my baby.

We lived in the third floor apartment for five hellacious months in 2008 - the first time we discovered the bed bugs, we bagged everything we owned, sprayed four times, used DE (a lifesaver), sealed every crack we could find, and slept on an air mattress for more than two months. We paid for the exterminator, and were told by our landlord that we should have told him first, as they would have taken care of everything. We were reimbursed for half of the cost.

The bed bugs returned after six

weeks, and when we notified our landlord, he brought us up a couple bottles of black jack spray. We paid for another round of extermination, threw out or stored 90% of our stuff in storage in New Hampshire, and moved the fuck out.

No one else in the building ever seemed affected, so we think they may have been coming from next door. However, we know they were in the apartment prior to our arrival, since the closets smelled like (what we were later, sadly, able to identify as) bed bug poison.

The whole thing was the most demoralizing experience of my entire life.

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