156 Dupont St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1149

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7/10/12: I placed a deposit on 1L on July 2nd. The rental agent told me I could safely tell my landlord I was moving out, and he would have the leases in a few days. When I went to sign the leases, there was a piece of paper informing me that the 3rd and 4th floor of the building had had a bed bug problem that had been treated in the past year. The landlord is legally obligated to provide this information. Unfortunately, they didn't tell me until I had already given up my current apartment. When

I reacted with dismay, the landlord instantly tried to give me my deposit back. When I said I just needed more information, the landlord told me I could talk to the exterminator about what had been done and the current state. When I called the exterminator, they told me the landlord told them not to tell me anything other than that "The apartment has been treated 3 times this year and the last treatment was June 29." When I asked what apartments they treated they were very hostile and told me to call the landlord. When I asked the landlord again he said Since I wasn't comfortable he would refund my deposit. Do not move in here. They are not honest about this problem, which has been an ongoing issue since 2008, according the previous posts. Additionally they have now relisted the apartment I was to rent for $200 more than originally asked. Watch out!

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It's like a revolving door! People moving in, getting infested, moving out. The problems in this building will only be solved by blowing it up.

7/8 apartments have bedbugs now.

Looks like both apartments on the fourth floor are now infested. The landlord never had all apartments inspected and treated, and now it seems that the epicenter of the infestation is an apartment on the fourth floor. The tenant\'s son carried out his mattress/box spring (through the hallways, of course, scattering bugs) and it\'s now outside the building, showing all signs of an extremely long-term, heavy infestation. Disgusting. Had the landlord inspected and treated all apartments months ago,

he could have avoided the spread of the infestation. He is still not inspecting and treating the other apartments, and is using an incompetent, unlicensed pest treatment operator.

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Sorry, I meant they are in 3L, 3R and 1L, not 1R...

There are bedbugs in 3 apartments - 3L, 3R, and 1R. The landlord has not treated the whole building, and the bug situation is getting worse.

An apartment on the third floor is infested. Fumigations are driving the bugs through the rest of the building.

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