86 Eagle St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1015

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First signs of bites on the residents of the third floor one bedroom railroad apartment of this building occured in late August of 2009. On September 20th a bed bug was seen and captured crawling across the top an upholstered loveseat.

The landlord of this buulding returned no phone calls regarding the bed bug problem until a letter was sent explaining that rent would be withheld until the problem was addressed.

Roughly one dozen bites have appeared on the two residents (who share a dou

ble bed) since the first siting of bed bugs.

The residents of this apartment have friends in a building in the neighborhood who had an infestation in the spring. Their presence in the apartment is the leading theory for how the bed bugs got there. The other two apartments in this residence have had no problems with bed bugs.

Treatment of this apartment is forthcoming.

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