680 Monroe St
Brooklyn, NY 11221

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My roommate and I moved into building May 2015. We have been dealing with bedbug issue on and off since April 2018 at 680 Monroe Street, Brooklyn 11221. We believe that it is a result of building infestation.The proper actions have not been taken or provided by management. (We as in current roommate/boyfriend at the time). Now I reside here w/ my boyfriend.

Our initial extermination was in May 2018. Learned a lot and became naturally cautious and paranoid for preven

tion. Managed prevention and maintenance ourselves. Bugs came back Jan/Feb 2019. Our new exterminator advised that the previous exterminator (may 2018 ) did not provide proper service to our apartment and we have been living with bugs the entire time.We began to think the BBs were coming through cracks/front door/drain/floorboards/wood flooring cracks after finding them in weird places. Our apartment had an extensive, painstaking prep for extermination#2 in February 2019. Issues have come back periodically through the months.

We have ended up paying thousands of dollars for cleaning, laundry, bug supplies, hotels, pet boarding, taking off work, ect. Per convo w/ super July 2019- he briefly mentioned that other apartments have been dealing with issue. All because of the mishandling of exterminating the building!

Long story short, my boyfriend and I have exhausted all solutions and are trying to move out ASAP. Our lease is up May 31 2020.

When will there be consequences for the malpractice of our 'management company'?
Here's the owner info:
Ranco Managment, Yona Buxbaum 1-718-916-8506

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