994 Bushwick Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11221-3740

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All is clear at 994 Bushwick Avenue. No bed bugs, no roaches.


Owners must now inspect, and if necessary treat units adjacent to, above and below any unit where bed bugs are found.

Where bed bugs persist, or occur in multiple apartments in the same building, the Health Department will require property owners take several additional pest removal steps (i.e., notify tenants that bed bugs have been identified in the building, develop and distribute a building-wide Pest Management Plan to all ten


To verify that bed bug infestations have been properly treated and conditions conducive to infestation have been addressed, owners who are repeat offenders must have their licensed exterminator complete an Affidavit of Correction of Pest Infestation.

Owners, who fail to provide these documents in a timely way to the Health Department, will be issued a Notice of Violation and will be required to appear at a hearing before the City’s Environmental Control Board where fines may be issued and non-compliant landlords may end up with a lien on their property, which was not possible before.

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No bedbugs in 4L.

Jan. 18, 2011. The bed bugs have returned to 4L, where they first arrived in 2008. Recent tenants (Gray, Dan, etc.) found them and came to this registry, then reported to the landlord, JMP Properties, LLC, that 4R had them! In mid-December, Metro Pest examined both apartments and found them in 4L, but none in 4R. They proceeded with a full extermination in 4L, for which the landlord paid. The complainant about 4R in 2008 had actually moved the bed bugs in. Once he had vacated, JMP paid for

an extermination. We have not had a subsequent problem, but apparently 4L has and/or does. Lawrence W. Jones (tenant for over 10 years), cc: JMP Properites, LLC

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Apt. 4R. Larry is pulling the same stunt as someone else mentioned below. Place is infested with bed bugs, roaches, and probably fleas. Avoid at all costs.

Larry is now renting the room out gain but he is targeting international students.


Apartment 4R

I answered an ad in craigslist for a room at this address. The room was partially furnished: bed, dresser, bookshelf, and a chair. I moved in July 10th, 2008 approx. I started showing bites the second or third day. I figured out a week later that the room was infested with bed bugs. I printed out the report I found here for the next apartment and showed it to the primary tenant Larry. He claimed no knowledge of the bugs, then acknowledged that there was a problem a year ago but i

t had been cleared away. He said he would pay for a cleaning lady, and some spray to keep the bugs away. He didn\'t want to talk to the landlord and said it would cost too much money to fix the problem. I decided to leave and find another place. i bought a new bed for the remainder of the month. i threw out a portion of my belongings, wore full clothes to bed at night, and bleached the room once a week until i found a new place. I left at the end of the month. On the way Out I noticed the other roommate was covered in bites as well. I left a note for the next roommate and a jar of dead bugs so that he would understand. He moved out the next day but I think Larry is looking for a new roommate—maybe on craigslist again.

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It's pretty simple really. I moved into a new place in August of 2007. One night I was lying in bed reading and felt something crawling on my arm. Having lived in New York for awhile and not knowing about bedbugs, I looked and smashed without really even thinking about it. I do remember thinking it was funny that the bug, after smashed, looked funny, and that the red stuff it emitted was odd. I did not however know about bedbugs at the time and didn't give it a second thought. Five months

later, they began to appear in my roommates bed. We have been trying to get the landlord to call an exterminator for 3 weeks now and it is very difficult to sleep. This sucks!

Apt. 4L

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