362 58th St
Brooklyn, NY 11220-3320

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The family who owns this property rents out the top floor of their brownstone to tenants, but it is infested with bed bugs. Two months into our lease, and after hanging floor-sweeping curtains to divide the railroad style apt., we had a full-out infestation; bed bugs were living in the curtains, traveled around the apt., etc. We had experienced nothing like it before (and had enjoyed those curtains in our last apt. as dividers). It turns out that the bugs were living in the walls, though the

landlord 'knew nothing about them', which may be true, as they are not the most observant landlords, but the bed bug problem was awful. The exterminator had to come 4 times, and each time he said something to the effect of, 'They're on the entire block.' We probably should have paid attention when, as we were looking at the apartment, the landlord said, "The last family just up and left all of a sudden. I don't know why."

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