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Last September (2007) noticed a couple bugs on my futon pillows at night. I work nights so I'm up late until about 4AM. Days later I caught a couple on my T shirt as I watched TV. It was then I began doing research on the bugs. I waited as I lay in bed with the lights out and an industrial size roll of clear tape, totally paranoid at every unknown twitch on my legs.

I then pulled myself of the futon, turned on the lights and found a dozen or so Bed bugs, in varios stages of maturity crawling

all over. I captured several of them on the 1 1/2" clear tape and used a second piece to seal the little bastards in there permanently.

I had a exterminator out within the week who soaked my apartment in the appropriate chemicals as most my belongings and clothing were bagged for future washing and/or sorting.

I sent a photocopy of the bugs to my landlord along with my rent check, less the cost of the exterminator. I had previously left a voice mail regarding the problem and heard nothing back one way or the other. The partial payment with reciept was, gratefully, accepted without question which leads me to believe that they are already aware of the problem.

3 weeks ago (June 2008) I caught one on the floor, and have witnessed their steady return, althogh since I got rid of my wooden futon and replaced it with a metal one, they seem to have difficulty getting me where I sleep. But when my kids stay with me on weekends, I sleep on the floor and become a bed bug banquet.

This is a huge, 7 story building with many eastern european and hasidic jews who no doubt travel bag and forth to Israel. I'm sure the problem is building-wide and probably insurmountable, but I can't, at present, afford to move.

Lou Ming

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