1010 Dorchester Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11218-5306

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I'm a tenant at this building. I complained to the management about the bedbugs, and they sent an exterminator down. The bedbugs were better than the exterminator, and I still had a problem. Called them again. They were helpful, and agreed to send the exterminator again, saying that many apartments needed two or three treatments. It seems that even once the bedbugs are eliminated, they can come back from another tenant who has them, or a new tenant who moves in and lived in a place that had them

. I don't know if they can do much more, but be sure to call the management company if you have bedbugs, and call again if the first extermination does not solve it. The second one did it for me.

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We had them when we lived there for 2 months. fourth floor.

We had them when we lived there for 2 months. fourth floor.

Lived on the 6th floor fall 2008-spring 2009. had an infestation in one bedroom, was suspected to be coming up through the floor from the apt underneath. was exterminated but come back, gave up on the apt and moved out.
a list was put up in the lobby, apparently a strong majority of the building has had a problem with bedbugs.
stay away from this building...

Lived in a 6th fl apartment at this building during 2007-8. First experienced bites in early 2008, but thought they were hives or an allergic reaction. Following several attempts to exterminate in the spring of 2008, I moved out and left my furniture behind. It's my suspicion that the whole building is infested.

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