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At one point back in the summer of 2009, I heard through the grapevine that someone on my floor of the apartment building had bed bugs. However, nobody affiliated with the building's management sent out any notices of this. All they did was send an exterminator once a month to make rounds, and if you weren't home on that one day, then your apartment wouldn't get sprayed. I was never told that the exterminator was for bed bugs, so I assumed they were just for cockroaches, which I don't have.


t's the winter of 2010 now, and for the first time, I woke up last week with itchy ankles covered in mosquito bite-type welts. They weren't horrendous nor that numerous, so I ignored them. Until my roommate woke up one morning with giant welts all over his hands and wrists.

That night, after work, I searched my bed area for any signs, and I did find two bed bugs nestled in the seam of my box spring. I killed them with rubbing alcohol and put them in an old medicine bottle as proof.

I called the landlord/management immediately the next morning, and they said they would contact the exterminator and I should receive a call to arrange an appointment...

THIS is the problem: the building's management continues to exterminate individual apartments at different times, and all that happens is the bed bugs move into my neighbors' places and they will probably return with a vengeance 2 weeks to a month later! Hello people! It's either: bomb the whole building or nothing! You can't exterminate apartments one at a time! That's counter productive!!!

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