178 Ocean Pky
Brooklyn, NY 11218-2407

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I'm a tenant at this building. I complained to the management about the bedbugs, and they sent an exterminator down. The bedbugs were better than the exterminator, and I still had a problem. Called them again. They were helpful, and agreed to send the exterminator again, saying that many apartments needed two or three treatments. It seems that even once the bedbugs are eliminated, they can come back from another tenant who has them, or a new tenant who moves in and lived in a place that had them

. I don't know if they can do much more, but be sure to call the management company if you have bedbugs, and call again if the first extermination does not solve it. The second one did it for me.

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This building is a nightmare. The management company refuses to take the problem seriously and the bedbug infestations keep happening over and over again. We have spent the last year dealing with three separate infestations -- our apartment was infested when we moved in (despite asking, before signing the lease, if there were any problems) and within a week, before we'd even unpacked, the bugs were inside all the boxes and had taken over. (We know neighbors whose situations are much, much worse.

) We do not feel comfortable in our home and have spent hundreds of dollars trying to get rid of the bugs -- it's expensive, time-consuming and depressing.

If you want to rent an apartment here (and pay the broker's fee) make sure you keep records of EVERYTHING, stay on top of the management (call them regularly and ask if any apartments near you are infested, because they will not tell you otherwise) and take EVERY precaution possible.

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This is an old and poorly maintained building. Many penetrations for all types of bugs to get in. The exterminator mentioned he was treating several other apartments as well as ours (he treated in September of 2009)- a few of which had ongoing issues for about a year, he said. We also had a big roach and fly problem, that no amount of cleaning and bug repellent seemed to get rid of for long. Overall it's an old building, with MANY paces for the bedbugs to hide and move between apartments- and w

ould be hard to treat and get rid of them even if the management was willing to put the appropriate amount of effort into it. It was unfortunately a bit of a fight getting them to take care of the issue in more than one treatment. When we asked if we could have a second treatment (after being covered in bites and even FINDING a dead bedbug on the floor) the management claimed that the exterminator found no signs of them and we shouldn't need another treatment. My advice is to not move into this building if you're worried about getting bed bugs, but if you are in it and have issues I would keep a record of EVERYTHING, such as filing a 311 report and taking pictures of your bedbug bites and seeing a doctor to get the bites on record. And make sure to send all your letters addressing the issues using certified mail. If you live in the building and have somehow managed not to get them yet, I would suggest washing/drying your clothing and storing everything you don't use on a regular basis in AIRTIGHT plastic bags/bins.

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The building has an ongoing problem. Several apartments have had recurring infestations.

Note from management in the elevator asking tenants who have bedbugs to call directly to have problem taken care of. just went up today.

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