280 Ashland Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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Not my personal experience, but spotted on Google reviews for the Caesura building: "I was very excited about moving into Caesura and was impressed with the overall look and tone of the building. However I wish I had been warned which is why I feel impelled to write this negative review. When I picked up my keys and looked at my apartment (807) I found an infestation of bed bugs in the built in furniture and mattress. The bed bugs were fed and as there were no occupants for at least one month

at this point, it was evident this issue was not contained to the single apartment. While management did the steps necessary and said they were starting treatment it did not comfort me in the fact that for a company which prides itself on management, no one even saw the bed bugs which were evident to me within two minutes of walking into the apartment. I chose to terminate the lease before even moving, since this was clearly a sign of a larger problem. The management company barely offered apologies and instead offered to let me know if another apartment was available. While I understand bed bugs occupy so much of NYC, I would do a thorough check of a Caesura apartment before moving or signing anything, as cleanliness is clearly not a value of this building or company."

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