1042 Bergen St
Brooklyn, NY 11216

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Our apartment experienced an infestation recently. We reported it to the landlord and scheduled multiple visits to have exterminators treat the apartment.

While displaced for a number of weeks, we contacted the previous tenant and learned that the issue had been persistent since 2017, occurring as recently as 2019 (which was not disclosed to us at lease signing).

We also learned that the tenant below us had a recent infestation, and had been renovating + disposing of infested materials i

n the hallway of the building.

It's now been a month, and we are still finding bugs in the apartment periodically and have had a significant increase in cockroaches in the apartment (nearly daily).

The tenants below us are still disposing of infested materials, and as recently as yesterday were putting trash in the hallway with bed bugs visibly present and alive.

We've scheduled an additional treatment, though it is clear the infestation is still present in the building and our apartment has significant cracks + holes where the infestation can resurface through.


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