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After only 10 months in my apartment (4H) with furniture only 6 months old, i woke up one morning with about 20 bites on my arms and the back of my neck after falling asleep on the couch. The next week a friend slept over and woke up in an even worse situation. she had about 50 bites on her chest, legs and arms after sleeping on the same couch.

the property manager did send an exterminator but he was lazy and didn't really believe that i had bedbugs. after i told him i saw the bugs on my c

ouch, he inspected the couch but failed and refused to check the other rooms in the apartment.

the situation is getting worse i am currently spraying myself every nite with bug spray before going to sleep and living in fear. i plan on tossing all furniture and jumping ship. i realize that this is a hugh problem all over the US but residential building and hotel owners need to take ownership and nip this in the bud.

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