321 20th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215-6403

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I lived in the first front apartment for two years and moved out after learning about the bed bug problem. I was terrified of getting them. Not sure if they've reach the front yet, but it seems like these critters don't want to leave after so much extermination. Must be a nightmare for tenants.

I just moved into Apt 3R 7/1/2010 and I just noticed I have bedbugs tonight, 9/15/2010. By the looks of all the past posts it seems this building has a long history of bedbug infestations that probably has never been properly handled, so they keep coming back. The problem seems to be in the rear apartments, namely 3R and 4R.

I'll be contacting the landlord in the morning to try to get this problem fixed once and for all. I will provide an update on this site in the future.

I just moved out of apartment 4R after having been moved in 4 days after the last person posting. I wish I knew about this website, because I definitely would not have moved in had I known the experience of the last tenant.

Although it appears the apartment was sprayed by the previous tenant, it did not cure the problem. I had it sprayed as well, but I would be reluctant to move into this apartment knowing its troubled history.

I threw away everything I owned except for a few precious bel

ongings that are sealed in storage.

I am currently in negotiation with the landlord over compensation. I will report back once a resolution has been reached.

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I had bed bugs in my apartment 4R back in May. My downstairs neighbor had them and I guess they got to me. I just recently got them again. Both times I got the apt sprayed and followed all the instructions the exterminator gave me. I'm now moving and getting rid of all my furniture cause I don't want to take any chances.

All of the rear apartments were infested with bed bugs, as well as one apartment on the 3rd floor in the front. The first floor apartments weren't affected... yet.

We recently found bedbugs in 3R....again. Either the bedbugs from 2007 survived or they came in some other way. We are doing everything one is supposed to, but may be moving out because we're so grossed out. Wish we would have seen the report on this apartment before we moved in at the end of 2007.

Apt 3R - I had bed bugs in the early part of 2007. I sprayed several times and laundered. I was able to get of them after four months.

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