318 6th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215-3206

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I lived in this building before - never had an issue with bed bugs...

I woke up with bedbug bites on my arms, legs, face and neck. After completely tearing my bed apart, I saw two crawling on my sheets. I rolled them off with a lint brush to look more closely and make sure--they were definitely bedbugs. I then inspected my mattress and found a couple. I pulled my bed away from the wall and found a few crawling on the baseboard. It looks like they were coming from very small seams and cracks in wall near the floor.

This landlord is VERY sketchy and difficult to

contact. The super is great and will try to help, but the actual building owner/landlord has not done anything about this. We also have a persistent cockroach problem and found 3 mice during the winter.

The building is supposedly regularly exterminated but we have not had an exterminator come for months. When he did, he was in the apt for literally 10 seconds and only sprayed in the kitchen.

This building is very old so BEWARE! We have had disgusting bug issues and don't expect them to ever be fixed because the landlord is not present and does not even know who lives in the building or which apartments are occupied. In order to contact him, you call a number which goes to a voicemail where you essentially supposed to log your complaint and his secretary will "get back to you." DON'T COUNT ON IT.

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