120 Garfield Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11215-2003

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I lived at 120 Garfield Pl. for about 3 months in 2013 until I had to move out before I lost my mind over the bed bugs. I found my first bed bug within a week of moving in and the landlord played dumb when I sent him a photo naively asking if he thought it was a bed bug. He obviously knew immediately what was in the photo b/c the whole bldg. is infested and has been for years, as I later learned! My apt. was treated multiple times but they always came back. I was told a hoarder lived below me bu

t after talking to neighbors and checking complaints it's clear the problem went way beyond that one apt. and I doubt he was even the root cause. My landlord clearly didn't want to invest the kind of money it'd take to truly treat the whole building. He does the minimum possible (to not get sued I guess?), providing ineffective spot treatments and taking a while but not too long to respond to calls or to send the exterminator. The treatments do nothing and the bed bugs just roam from one apartment to the next.

The landlord also never informs neighbors when another apt. is infested / treated. I stuck notes under the doors of all my neighbors to give them a heads up and lo and behold, several contacted me to tell me they too have had bed bugs on and off over the years. The more neighbors I talked to the more widespread I realized it was. I had a beautiful, cheap, rent-stabilized apartment but was so desperate by the time I left that I paid another 1.5 months rent after fleeing just so the landlord would let me the hell out of my lease. The kicker? When I dropped off my keys with the new super who took over after I moved out (and who was preparing to move into the building with his family) he asked why I was moving and I told him everything about my apartment and that I'd learned about the building. The poor guy had taken the job and was about to move in himself without the landlord ever telling him the building is seriously infested.

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Renters beware there is a bad case of bed bug infestation in this building. 5 apartments that I know of with this issue and management is doing a poor job of solving the problem. Since this is relatively a big apt building with 30 plus Apts it seems that the critters spread from apt to apt making it very difficult to combat.

We got our apartment treated before moving in July, 2014 as a precautionary measure. In November in we found a bug. We got the apartment treated and a few months later we found another bug. The apartment was treated again and then we found another bug a month later. We were able to convince management to bring in a dog to inspect, and it turns out that the apartment below us has an awful infestation! Their apartment has been treated a few times but the problem has not gone away. Since our proble

m stems from that apartment, our problem has not gone away either. The apartment below us refuses to throw out their infested furniture, and our management company refuses to treat our apartment or the one below us until they get rid of their furniture. So we are now at a standstill and we are still finding bugs.

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My roommate had full grown bed bugs in his room and the landlord called an exterminator and they just moved to my room. Now my room is infested and other apartments in the building have reported the same problem. A few weeks ago the apartment adjacent to ours had bedding thrown out marked bed bug infestation.

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