625 President St
Brooklyn, NY 11215-1101

Found 2 reports:

We have owned the property of 625 President St. since April of 2005. We live in the top two floors and rent out the bottom apartment. We have NEVER, I repeat, NEVER have had bed bugs at this residence. In the future when reporting information such as this on the World Wide Web, please make sure it is accurate.

Yesterday, I was in Park Slope, Brooklyn NY apartment hunting, and I saw infested mattresses and furniture off of president street, directly in between 5th and 4th ave (on the even side of the street, directly in front of a brownstone), when I was on my way to see an not infested apartment.

I don't know how helpful this is, but I thought I'd report my sighting (especially when in this area in particular there are no "logs", when there should be). While I was walking around the area, I saw A L

OT of thrown out mattresses that I could see were infested (I should have gotten the addresses). Only half of them were marked "bedbugs, do not take."

Thanks so much for this site. Though I am very paranoid and scared to move from my home in NJ to NY, I'm glad
I am aware of this increasing problem.

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No nearby bug reports