401 Schenectady Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11213-5418

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Me and my family are living in apt 3E since may 2014 for 6 months now. I notice these red spots after the first month, I woke up one night from a itching feeling on my face and found a bed bug crawling on my pillow. Me and my husband told the super who did what he could to help us even called the building management to have someone come in and spray our apartment but still 4 months later we still are dealing with the problem. My newborns playpen was infested with them. I noticed one crawling in

it and decided to take it apart to find that it was infested with bed bugs. We never had a bedbug problem until now and it's frustrating and now we have to get professional help because these things make it hard to sleep or Live comfortable. It's clear these things were living in this apartment before we got here, I wish I knew about this website before we moved in. All our furniture are brand new, which makes it more frustrating.

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my apt on the 4th floor of this building has had bed beds as well. even with brand new mattress and bedding. we have sealed up all the holes and cracks in the corners. the problem was alot worse during the summer months.

Itching for a few weeks now on 7/12/08 woke up to see a spot on the wall. It is a bed bug killed it and squashed blood over the wall.

Inspected the bed (split box spring) and walls and found about a dozen of them. Reported to Super and building manager. Another tenant complained about the bugs as well 3B and I am in 2F we are on the second and sixth floor in a 60 unit building.

401 Schenectady Avenue, #2F Brooklyn, NY 11213

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