N 7th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Bedbugs in my apartment at 166 N.7th Street, Brooklyn. I was getting bitten nightly for a week or more before surrendering to the reality and calling the landlord, who sent an exterminator. The latter sprayed and bombed the apartment, and said that he saw at least two bed bugs crawl out of the mattress and die when he sprayed. Thinking the problem was solved, I returned two nights later and the biting started again. Exterminator said to give it a week, but after a few days of sleepl

ess nights and bites, I called him back to come and do a second treatment, this time trashing my mattress and box spring. Haven\'t been back since, but plan to return this week. Exterminator said that \"a couple\" of other apartments in the building have also been treated for bed bugs. What a nightmare.

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