98 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Found 3 reports:

we lived in an apartment there for about 2 years and we got bed bug infestation, not once, but twice. After the first time, we threw out all our furniture and mattress only to have other tenants bring in the exact same bed and mattress we threw out, into another apartment in the building!

call 311 and report it!!!! then send a registered letter via usps to the landlord/office. keep and paper trail and don't pay your rent until it gets fixed or put it in and escrow account with hdp!! tell everyone in the building to do the same!!

They came through the walls into our building at 96 bedford. We have been exterminated, but had to tape up all the outlets adjacent to 98 bedford.
The landlord has refused to do anything. The tenants constantly take furniture from trash in the neighborhood, which adds to the problem

No nearby bug reports